Feeding…Not Just Reading

This morning a parent from the school lost her keys, and I joined with others in the search for them (no success yet). Keys are so important! Lately, I have been focusing on the Book of Psalms in my personal devotions. In Psalm 1, God graciously gives us the key that unlocks the rest of the book. The person who reaches out for this key and takes it is described as a blessed person—one who discovers joy, happiness, and success in life. Here it is: “But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night” (Psalm 1:2). God’s Word is the key to life! My practice is to read the Bible in the morning for about half an hour (in addition to my teaching and preaching preparation). Lately, the Lord has been helping me to think of Bible reading more as “feeding” than just “reading.” In reading I just need my mind to process information; in feeding I need the Holy Spirit to bring this information to life within me. Feeding on God’s Word means that I pray before I read, asking the Spirit to help me “assimilate” what I read. I want God’s Word to change both my thinking and my actions. Feeding on God’s Word is the process of getting God’s Word into my heart and mind, and then thinking about (meditating on) what He is saying to me. It’s like eating a meal. Once you eat, the food stays within you. Throughout the day, you gain strength from what you ate earlier. The blessed person “meditates day and night” on God’s Word. The word meditate means to “mutter, muse, and speak.” This refers to the conversation we carry on in our mind. Since we all talk to ourselves, why not replace our thoughts with God’s thoughts? Why not trade our carnal, negative, self-consuming thoughts with God’s life-giving thoughts? Be willing to change your mind about Bible reading. Instead of seeing it as an obligation, see “feeding” on God’s Word as a delight…like sitting down to a delicious meal prepared by the Lord himself! Start today. Take the key, enter in, and sit at the Lord’s table.

Pastor Mark Boucher

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