Celebrating God’s Faithfulness!

Do you know what the most often repeated event is in the Old Testament? It’s so important that an entire book is named after it…Exodus! The exodus of God’s people from bondage and slavery is the “big story” of the Old Testament. Just after the people left Egypt, God instructed Moses to make sure the people never forgot this amazing event. “Then Moses said to the people, ‘Commemorate this day, the day you came out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, because the Lord brought you out of it with a mighty hand…’” (Exodus 13:3). So, every year the Israelites were to celebrate the Passover and thank God for their salvation and freedom. From this Scripture, I understand that God wants us to go out of our way to remember and celebrate His power and faithfulness. Now, let’s consider something closer to home. Ten years ago, Pastor Wegner and the family of Highway Tabernacle decided to adopt Resurrection Life Church (RLC). God gave the dream, the vision was cast, and the work began! From out of the ashes, God raised up a church. People from all over answered the call to donate funds, labor, and materials. Today, RLC is a light and ministry center for the Tioga neighborhood. Through the church, Spring Garden Academy, and the pre-school program, dozens of families are blessed every day! The reason we gather together on the tenth anniversary of RLC is similar to why the Israelites gathered for the Passover…to commemorate God’s goodness! It is vital for our spiritual health never to forget both God’s power and the sacrifice of God’s people. Our anniversary celebration, however, is not just to thank God for the past, but also to pray for God’s blessing and increase for the future. I would like to give special thanks to Pastor Otto and Pat Wegner and the people of Highway for their vision and faithfulness, and for Pastor Finney and Liza Kuruvilla, their sons, and the people of RLC for their diligence and perseverance. May the Lord surround the people of Resurrection Life with grace and favor. We will not forget what the Lord has done!

Pastor Mark Boucher

Thanksgiving in the Midst

Thanksgiving in the Midst

Poem by Sandra Lindsay of Highway Tabernacle

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Written 11/20/2016

As Thanksgiving draws near,

Lord—we thank You for giving,

As we gather together—

Reflecting on the lives we are living.

Family, Friends, and Fellowship

Without a doubt;

A day of feasting and unity is

What it’s all about.

For in the midst of political upheaval—

For in the midst of nationwide protests,

Let us lay aside our differences;

Let there be peace, let there be rest.

In the midst of crime, chaos, confusion,

Fear and doubt for our future,

In the midst of sickness and pain

And strongholds that bind,

Turn to Jesus—accept Him and

Thank Him for renewing your mind.

Please remember a neighbor who

Is lonely of heart—who has no

Family or friends near—so many miles apart.

Invite them over or serve them a plate;

Your warm gesture of love may

Remove a heavy weight.

In the midst of funny and

Embarrassing stories of years gone by

And light-hearted disputes of football

Game plays and what sales to buy,

A gathering together of young and old

Making memories that last—

Generations to be told.

In the midst of busyness,

Let’s all slow our pace.

It’s Thanksgiving in the midst.

Thank you, Lord, for mercy and grace,

For friends, for family,

So different, yet the same.

In this Thanksgiving season,

Lord—we glorify Your Name.


Watch Sandra Lindsay Read Her Poem


Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

This year, we were so excited to participate in the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Drive, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse. It was so exciting to see the momentum build, as people bought supplies and volunteered to help pack shoeboxes. What a blessing to be able to fill boxes with toys, clothes, school supplies, toiletries, and other items that will be distributed to children worldwide! Most importantly, the Gospel message will be shared with each child that receives a box!

Good news!

We filled 9 more shoeboxes than last year with a grand total of 76 BOXES! 39 shoeboxes were packed for boys and 37 for girls.




Thank you to everyone who helped pack boxes, paid for supplies and shipping, and prayed!

Some pictures from our Packing Party on November 19th:





We prayed over the shoeboxes and the families receiving them at Highway Tabernacle and at our sister church Resurrection Life Church on Sunday, November 20th.




Let’s continue to pray that the shoeboxes and more importantly the Gospel message bless children and their families this Christmas!

Celebrating Becky Robbins

This past Sunday night at Highway Tabernacle, people from Highway Tabernacle and Resurrection Life Church gathered to celebrate Becky Robbins, who has been a missionary associate at our churches for the past seven years. She has also been part of Spring Garden Academy and Next Generation Ministries and has greatly impacted our children and youth.

We are thankful for her commitment, her lightheartedness, and her dedication to the Lord and to the people of Philadelphia! She has made an impact here that will not soon be forgotten!

We Are Wheelie Going to Miss You, Miss Becky!