Bigger Than Failure

Here’s a quiz question: “In order for God to work through your life, you have to be flawless. True or false?” I’m glad the answer is false! God doesn’t call people to serve Him because they are perfect; and the Bible never tries to “sanitize” people’s stories. From the Scriptures we get to see the reality of God’s people, with all their strengths and failures…their mixture of dirt and divinity. Take Abraham as an example. He trusted God. When God said “go,” he obeyed. He believed God could give him a child—even though he was 100 years old! Even with such great faith, Abraham’s fear also showed itself. His wife Sarah was good looking, and Abraham worked out a “deal of deception.” Wherever they would travel, Sarah was to lie and say Abraham was her brother and not her husband. Abraham feared that one of the local leaders might notice Sarah, take her for his wife, and kill Abraham. Well, their little disguise did not serve them well. In Genesis 20 we see Abraham and his family traveling south and coming to Gerar, governed by King Abimelech. Sure enough, Abimelech took Sarah as his wife. But God spoke to him in a dream saying, “Behold, you are a dead man because of the woman whom you have taken, for she is a man’s wife” (Genesis 20:3). Greatly alarmed, the king confronted Abraham about his lie and immediately released Sarah back to him. This was a great embarrassment for both Abraham and Sarah, not to mention, a terrible witness of Abraham’s faith. From this story, I realize something extremely important. God’s plan is bigger than my failures. His sovereign will can be accomplished through us in spite of the struggle we all have with perfect obedience. Abraham and Sarah will always be remembered and commended for their faith—not for their occasional lapses into fear. Be encouraged by the message of the Bible. You don’t need to “bat a thousand” to be in the game. God shows His power by using ordinary people, who sometimes strike out or drop the ball. The best we can do is learn from our past sins and mistakes, ask God’s forgiveness…and believe He can still use frail humans to accomplish His will. And remember, only One lived a perfect life, and we worship Him as Lord and Savior!

Pastor Mark Boucher