A Special Tribute

 “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” (Proverbs 31:30).

A few of you met her once or twice, some of you have heard about her, and many of you prayed for her. Terry Boucher’s mom, Angeline (Hafner) Sorbo, passed away Monday, November 26th, around 1:30 in the afternoon. Two of her daughters, who were able to make it to the hospital quickly, were singing to her at her bedside. Angie went to be with Jesus hearing the hymn, “It is Well with My Soul.” What a beautiful song to usher Mom into the presence of the One she loved and served! As a son-in-law there are so many wonderful memories I could share about her. One that stands out to me is when Terry and I were dating, and I had a chance to visit her mom and dad at their house. Mom and I were talking in the kitchen and I dared to venture the question, “Do you think I’m the right one for your daughter?” She looked straight at me and said, “Yes, I think you are.” After being married to Angie’s daughter for over 40 years, I look back with great appreciation for her “vote of confidence.” Also, I am so grateful to Mom for the godly qualities she helped develop in her beautiful daughter, Terry. Mom loved Jesus and centered her life around prayer and worship. She also loved people and made time to talk and pray with anyone who sought her counsel. In a day when “in-laws” get a bad rap, I can say that God blessed me with the best mother-in-law I could ever imagine. At her bedside last week, I read from the Word of God in Psalm 37. Verse four says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” This was Mom’s favorite verse, and it helped her focus on what really matters—especially in times of stress and difficulty. The world will hardly notice the passing of this 84-year-old woman. She was not famous, didn’t have a lot of money, wrote no books, and held no important titles. Yet, for us who knew her, her impact will always be deep and profound. She was a woman who feared the Lord and…she will be praised! Thank you, Mom, for showing us Jesus!

Pastor Mark Boucher

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  1. Such a lovely tribute for a loving and well-loved woman of God. I have heard you, Pastor Mark, Terry, and Nicole tell loving stories of Mrs. Angeline. From hearing such stories, I am certain Terry’s mother leaves a vast well of memories to cherish and much wisdom to glean from & pass down through generations. May peace, love, and comfort surround you all at this time.

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