On the Journey!

I want to thank the deacons and family of Highway Tabernacle for the prayers and support for my mission trip to Africa, India, and Sri Lanka. In the Book of Acts, we read about Paul and others who went on trips, being sent by God’s people. On this trip, only two of us will be traveling…Dr. Neil Chadwick, founder of International Christian Partnership (ICP), and me. However, for sure, Highway Tabernacle will be there! Your love and willingness to let me go is an extension of Highway Mission Tabernacle. I will be teaching and encouraging pastors in areas of the world where few have opportunities for seminars and Christian education. Please pray for my responsibilities: teaching the seminars in seven different locations to over 750 pastors and leaders, preaching the Word on Sundays, and counseling and encouraging the believers individually. Also, please pray for our health and safety over the long journey.

Here is some more information about ICP: “The International Christian Partnership, founded and directed by Dr. Neil Chadwick, has adopted a very clear and simple mission. In America, pastors have a tremendous number of resources available to help them, in addition to years of formal training received by most.  Meanwhile, our brethren who labor in other vineyards have little or no such resources or opportunities. International Christian Partnership is doing its part to bring about some balance by sharing with dedicated pastors and evangelists in other parts of the world. This is done with great confidence that the benefit to the Church will be exponential. We faithfully remember that Jesus prayed for Peter who in turn was charged with the task of strengthening his brethren (Luke 22:32). We have been strengthened; now we will do our part to strengthen our brethren. To date, ICP has conducted pastors’ seminars in 13 countries, providing encouragement, support and continuing education for more than 7,000 local church planting pastors. The theme for the ICP 2019 Seminars in Rwanda, India and Sri Lanka is Encouraging and Strengthening the Brethren (Acts 15:32).”

With Gratitude,

Pastor Mark Boucher

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