Changing the Future

I really like this statement: “We teach a little by what we say, more by what we do, and most by what we are.” Sometimes I wonder what the world will be like in the future, if the Lord doesn’t come soon. Then, I look at the youth and children and say to myself, “This is the future of our world…where they are pointed will determine the destination.” Is there any task greater than investing in the next generation? Is there any job more important than working with children, getting to mold their hearts and minds? The “right now need” is for authentic adults who are willing to teach by word, deed, and life! The Apostle Paul knew well the value of investing in those who follow. Although he probably never had any biological children, he considered himself a father figure to many. Consider his words in 1 Timothy 1:2, “To Timothy my true son in the faith: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.” The other day Terry and I had the opportunity to visit the workplace where our daughter, Nicole, is employed. The office supervisor told us how Nicole’s character and work added so much to her personally and to the company. As parents, we are “proud” of Nicole, but we recognize that the power in Nicole’s life to live right comes from God’s grace and mercy. As parents, we can’t force our children to follow the ways of Jesus. But, we can lead in such a way that our children (spiritual as well) desire what we have. This morning we honor the staff and leaders of Spring Garden Academy and Next Generation Ministries. Their desire is to lead in such a way that those growing up will want to live honorably…experiencing peace from the Father and the Lord Jesus. Please pray for those who influence our children every day inside our two churches. And, if you want to change the future, do your part to influence a child and invest in a young person.

Pastor Mark Boucher

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