Happy Anniversary!

Honor the Past. Celebrate the Present. Anticipate the Future.

When our Deacon Board first started talking about the idea of a special service for the 125th anniversary of Highway Tabernacle, my first question was “Why should we do this?” Then I mentally flipped through the pages of the Old Testament. I recalled God’s relationship with the Israelites and how, on numerous occasions, He reminded His people of  the special blessings He had bestowed on them. He never expected “repayment,” but His message to them was “Do not forget.” For example, after the Passover (when God delivered His people from Egyptian slavery), God established the feast of Passover as a yearly remembrance of His kindness and miraculous power. The many feasts and festivals of Israel show us that God delights in our gratitude and our deliberate calling to remembrance His faithfulness. As a parent, I know how special I feel when my daughter takes the time to express her heart in a card on my birthday. Such expressions keep our relationship close. In the same way, the Lord appreciates when we remember how good He is to us. Here at Highway Tabernacle, the good hand of the Lord has been with us since our inception 125 years ago. On Thanksgiving Day in 1894, He brought a small group of people together who committed themselves to follow Jesus, to love others, and to share the hope of the gospel. By His grace, we choose today to stay faithful to the original mission. So, today we honor the past and do not forget God’s grace over this church. We celebrate the present by our heart-felt worship and thanksgiving. We anticipate the future knowing that our God is faithful to keep us true to His Word and to impact our city by His Spirit. Our special 125th anniversary service and luncheon are sacred acts of praising the Lord Jesus Christ who said, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18).

Pastor Mark Boucher