Our Dear Church…

Our Dear Church,

Since August 1999, we have fellowshipped with you. In 2012 my wonderful wife and I took on the role of pastoring Resurrection Life Church upon request of our great friend and spiritual encourager, Pastor Mark Boucher. For the past eight years we were blessed to lead services, work in partnership with our school, and see several people accept the Lord.

After much prayer, it became clear to us that our time at Resurrection Life Church had come to a close. Through the support and blessing of Highway Tabernacle, we were able to plant many seeds and see the Lord build families and grow children in Christ. Before pastoring at Res Life, I was with Highway for over 12 years serving in various capacities—including some of my favorite memories as a worship leader under Pastor Otto Wegner. Thank you all for the opportunity to bless God!

Our children were personally blessed by their involvement and growing up in this church. Highway and Resurrection are all they knew. Spring Garden Academy also was heavily involved in their early lives. We want to thank you all, family of God.

May the Lord continue to grow us and bless us as His Church in these trying times as may grow faint of heart. We believe the Lord has greater things in store for all of us. May His favor greatly rest upon His people.

In Christ’s Love,

Finney Kuruvilla