Sick of It!

Just when you think you have your day all planned…something happens, and you have to say good-bye to all your plans. This past Wednesday did not start well for me. As I got out of bed, I felt as if the room was spinning. My unfriendly intruder, vertigo, had come to see me again! On average it “visits” me once a year or so and does a number on me (I won’t go into the unpleasant details). However, I am so grateful vertigo doesn’t stay long with me…about a day. But it’s a very long day and the only thing I can do is lay around thinking about how lousy I feel and praying I recover quickly! For those of you who suffer with an ongoing issue, my vertigo challenge may seem quite miniscule. However, let me share with you some of my musings concerning sickness. First, I am so grateful for the cross of Jesus and the healing that flows from our Lord and His great sacrifice! No matter what you go through, what a great comfort to know that Jesus loves us, keeps us, and heals us. And yet, who hasn’t struggled with questions like, “Why am I not healed?” or “Why is this taking so long?” I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but I do know the faithful ONE who sustains me through every health challenge. My imperfect faith in Jesus is seen through the clouded lens of living in a fallen world beset by sickness and death. As a believer, I don’t expect never to get sick. Nor do I look at other believers who suffer as somehow lacking faith. Only God knows certain things, and it’s best for us not to pretend to know it all (remember Job’s friends)! The best I can do is trust Him to bring me through and stand on what He speaks to me through His Word and the application of His Word through the Holy Spirit. On Wednesdays I usually attend the phone prayer group with Pastor Finney and Liza. I did not feel well enough to call in, but I did send a text asking the group to pray for me. Interestingly, I felt a great improvement in my condition right around 8 PM, the time when group prayer ended. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Even though I don’t expect a pain-free, perfect body this side of heaven, I do rejoice in the power and presence of Jesus who promised to never leave or forsake me! “Praise the Lord, O my soul; and forget not all his benefits—who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases” (Psalm 103:2).

Pastor Mark Boucher