As a new believer, I thought of Moses’ ministry as somewhat “glamorous.” After all, he performed amazing miracles before Pharaoh and led the Israelites through the Red Sea. However, the more I studied and read about Moses’ life and ministry, the more I realized how difficult his calling must have been. Many times, I thought to myself, I’m glad I was not Moses! He endured 40 years in the desert with believers who easily caved to grumbling and complaining and sometimes threatening to go back to Egypt. In the Book of Exodus, many chapters describe the trials of enemy nations, rebellious leaders, and slim resources. To me, Moses is a hero of faith and perseverance. He stayed with his calling and brought the people to the threshold of the Promised Land. Of all the ways the writer of Hebrews could have described Moses, this is what he chose to say: “Moses was faithful as a servant in all God’s house, bearing witness to what would be spoken by God in the future” (Hebrews 3:5). When I think of the power of faithfulness, I also think of Pastor Finney, Liza, and their sons. As you know, Pastor Finney started out as an intern with Pastor Wegner and ended up staying over 20 years! As pastor of Highway Tabernacle, I am honored to have served with the Kuruvilla family. Their impact through the example of faithfulness will always stay with us. In a city that desperately needs the blessing of loving homes and church families, the Kuruvillas modeled for us commitment, love, and faithfulness. This note is just a small way of saying thank you, Pastor Finney, Liza, and boys, for giving of your lives so willingly and serving with love and enthusiasm—even when it was difficult. Thank you for being faithful in God’s house! You are loved and appreciated by all of us! May our Lord Jesus continue to bless you and lead you in His harvest field!