Some Election Thoughts

I’m looking forward to the election on November 3rd. Maybe you’re like me and are experiencing “political fatigue.” Having gone through many presidential elections, I can’t remember any more divisive and caustic as this one. As a Christian, I pray and think about how I should respond in such a political climate. Here are a few thoughts. Proverbs 14:34 says, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” There are many issues debated that are not “moral” in the sense that one side is sinful and the other is righteous (for example: raising taxes on gas). I may not like it, but taxes are a part of life and are needed to keep things going. However, there are issues that are addressed in the Bible (directly or in principle) which affect the life and well-being of people. Some examples of this include how an elected official would vote on protecting the life of a baby in the womb or how they would treat those who are poor or elderly. The Bible has a lot to say about the responsibility of the strong to defend the weak. I consider the lives and past records of candidates and vote for the person I believe will most closely represent biblical values. The question I ask is, “Will this leader move our country closer to God and what is right…or further away?” The candidate may not be a Christian in the way that we know, but does he promote decisions that exalt what is right…or does he promote sin? Morals matter! Another thought I leave with you is this: people are more important than their political affiliation. The Early Church stunned the world through the power of unity in our Lord Jesus Christ—not because of their political opinions. It’s not our responsibility to argue with others in order to get them to vote as we do. I wonder, is it possible that we as believers in Jesus can lead the way in this time of deep division? Make no mistake, millions of people are going to be angry and upset after the election. Pastor Andy Stanley wrote, “Your favorite candidate will win or lose based on how our country votes in November. However, the church will win or lose based on our behavior between now and then.” May we speak and live in the Holy Spirit! Perhaps in our divided nation many will be won to Jesus as they witness the love we have for one another…regardless of politics. Our nation needs your prayers!

Pastor Mark Boucher