What’s in Your Hand?

It changed his life completely! God appeared to Moses from a bush in the wilderness and called him to go back to Egypt to set his people free! At first, this sounds an epic adventure! Moses knew better and quickly added up a list of reasons why God had chosen the wrong man. His response to the Lord was all about what Moses perceived as his deficiencies and the probable failure of the mission. We’re not much different than Moses. We are so prone to see only what we are not and all the limitations because of what we don’t have. This time of Covid-19 provides a good example. As we find ourselves in the midst of another “wave” of the virus, it’s easy to list all the reasons why we cannot serve God effectively or minister to others. All the personal and church-related restrictions seem only to fuel the negative. But just maybe we’re missing something. Instead of staring at our list of “why we can’t,” what if we looked to the Lord and asked, “What do you want me to do?” In the midst of Moses’ excuse giving, the Lord interrupted him with a question: “What is that in your hand?” Moses carried a simple shepherd’s staff. After throwing it on the ground (at God’s command), the staff turned into a snake! Moses had no idea of God’s ability to take what we think is little…and make it into something great. So, we should ask ourselves the question, “What has God given me?” Our resources may seem little, but, surrendered to the power of God, there is no limit to the possibilities. You may have many Covid-19 restrictions, but look to the Lord for what you can do. Cast before the great “I Am” what he has already given you! It may be that your “small” gesture of calling, emailing, sending a card, encouraging, giving, serving, praying, or simply reaching out will change someone’s life! As we approach Thanksgiving, let’s thank the Lord for His power to live in us and through us. Look at what you have…not just at what you don’t have! What’s in your hand?

Pastor Mark Boucher

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