The Blessing of the Upright

“By the blessing of the upright, the city is exalted” (Proverbs 11:11).

God has you here for a reason. Maybe you were born in Philadelphia. Maybe you relocated here. Maybe you’re a lifelong Philadelphian.  Maybe you’re just here for the short haul. For however long as you’re here, God wants you to bless Philadelphia. When we accept God’s salvation, He clothes us in His righteousness. That makes us “the upright.” So, how do we bless the city? The life of Jacob shows us two ways. When Jacob was on his deathbed (Genesis 49), he pronounced blessings on his children. Just as he lifted up his children before God, so we are called to lift up our city. We have a stake in what happens in our city. God, speaking to Jewish exiles, instructed them to “seek the peace and prosperity of the city…. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper” (Jeremiah 49:6). We should be praying for the leaders, the schools, the businesses, and the people on a regular basis. Jacob blessed others not only by his prayers but also by his presence. When he prepared to move back to his homeland, to start a family of his own, his father-in-law asked him to stay by saying, “…the Lord has blessed me because of you” (Genesis 30:27). When we dedicate our lives to God, He showers us with blessings, and those blessings overflow to those around us. We may not have much of the things that the world chases—such as money or power, but we have an abundance of what the world truly needs—love, hope, peace and joy. We bless the city just by living our everyday lives, faithful to God’s call. As we head into a new year, let us concentrate not on ourselves, our needs and our wants, but on God’s call. May our daily prayer be, “Lord, whom can I bless today?”

Give as ’twas given to you in your need,
  Love as the Master loved you;
Be to the helpless a helper indeed,
Unto your mission be true.
(Ira Bishop Wilson, “Make Me a Blessing”)

Otis A. Fortenberry

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