Godly or Godless?

“In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit” (Judges 17:6). These words (repeated in Judges 21:25) sum up the Book of Judges. As I am reading this in my devotions, I am amazed at how the nation of Israel, back then, reflects the dire spiritual and moral condition of our country right now. The time of the judges begins after the Israelites entered the Promised Land. Moses, Joshua, and the elders after Joshua had all passed away. The majority of the people did not know God’s Word, and most of those who did turned away from God’s teaching and commands. So, if God and His Word are rejected, does this result in a country or people becoming better? Read the Book of Judges for yourself and find out! People have told me that religion is not good for America. To a certain extent, I agree that “religion” imposed on people is not good. However, when a nation rejects Christ and chooses a “godless” path, the door to chaos opens wide. When the leaders and parents of children provide no moral compass for our children, is it any wonder that they make self-destructive choices? Can we see a connection between the increase in violent crime and the absence of the presence of Christ in people’s hearts? Do we really buy into the idea that “sexual freedom” is something good? Why do we ignore all the heartache and pain that come into broken families due to unfaithfulness? Individual morality with no accountability only feeds the power of the sinful nature. Any passion for God gets replaced with soul-crushing addictions. Fear grows as we find ourselves surrounded by more and more people who have no fear of God and simply do what is right in their own eyes. Take another look at the Book of Judges. The message is loud and clear. When we try to replace God as the King of our life, we can expect nothing but bitter consequences. My prayer for our country is that we would repent and turn to God. As Christians, we must pray and live godly lives…showing others what it’s like to follow Jesus, love others, and share hope. There is yet hope for change, but it has to start with us.

Pastor Mark Boucher

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