The Choice Is Ours!

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:22-23). We just came through a truly amazing Sunday with our guests from Chicago Tabernacle. I was especially blessed and moved while listening to the message Sunday morning. When I listen to a sermon, I try to stay “open” for a special word from the Lord for my own heart. The word that came to me was, “Don’t doubt God’s faithfulness.” The Scripture above from Lamentations proclaims God’s faithfulness and steadfast love (written by Jeremiah) in the backdrop of sorrows and tragedies which had befallen Israel. God warned them over and over, but they ignored Him and instead chose to do evil—which led to great suffering. But God is reminding His people that He hasn’t given up on them! There is a future for the people of God—even if the present may look bleak. Pastor Al brought out a story from his own family that I will never forget…and which I have already shared with others. He mentioned how one of his children, many years ago, was wandering away from God. This caused great pain to both parents (Pastor Al and Chrissy). Chrissy especially was distraught about this and sought God diligently. In the midst of her prayers, God spoke a word to her heart! She took this word and immediately shared it with her husband. God said to her, “If you worry, then I’m not faithful.” Wow, this is powerful! God wasn’t saying to her that He quit being faithful. He was challenging her to keep trusting His faithfulness in spite of what she did not see. God does not fail! However, if we choose to embrace worry, in essence we are saying, “God, You’re not who You say You are. You’re not faithful!” I received this word and thought about the challenges I face in life. I am just like you; I am tempted to doubt and complain when things don’t go as I expect. But then I look back and recount God’s consistent faithfulness. Then I ask myself, “Why should I choose worry when I can give myself to the Lord and receive His strength to trust. I can believe Him in the present because He has always been faithful in the past. By His grace, let’s declare, “Great is thy faithfulness!”

Pastor Mark Boucher

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