Something To Live For

“Trust in the Lord and do good; Live in the land and cultivate faithfulness” (Psalm 37:3, NASB). A quote that has stuck with me through the years goes like this: “Many people have everything to live with and nothing to live for.” In our everyday conversations, I wonder why we have such a hard time talking about things that really matter. When was the last time someone opened up and started talking to you about what life means to them? The Bible presents us with something to live for. As I read God’s Word, I repeatedly come across verses which serve as sweeping panoramas. Right in front of my eyes I view the meaning of life in simple phrases like, “Trust in the Lord and do good.” Imagine if every person around you adopted this as their life verse! This profound verse challenges us to blend trust and action. I never want to move away from faith in the Lord. It seems that no matter how long I have walked with God, my faith is never perfect. I always go through times of testing. I think testing is God’s way of keeping us “in shape” spiritually. As a good “coach” the Lord doesn’t let us just sit around and get lazy. James explains to us, “…the testing of your faith develops perseverance” (James 1:3). So, everything about this life happens to grow our faith. Connected to this life philosophy of trust is doing good. True faith demonstrates itself in love and good deeds. When I happen to hear the words of the songs people listen to, I hear the cry of people looking for others to love them. As believers in Jesus, we already know we are greatly loved. So, instead of walking around in life “looking for love” we are “looking to love.” Because Jesus loves people, we love with His love. Our “doing good” servant attitude endeavors to help everyone we meet get closer to God and find their purpose and potential in Him! Psalm 37:3 ends with the beautiful words, “…cultivate faithfulness.” Another translation says, “…feed on God’s faithfulness.” A person who trusts God and does what is right enjoys the strength and joy that comes from the Lord himself. Jesus is not just our “philosophy” of life, but the Lord of life itself! You have something…or someone to live for!

Pastor Mark Boucher